Modeling, Analytics, customer segmentation

Data Science 

Data Science has been at the core of our services for over 17 years.  While data is the fuel (and we have the very best data), data science is the turbo-engine behind much of what we do.  Our data science team has decades of experience both on the client side and on the vendor side.  They will offer strategy, unique insights and analytical results that are unmatched.  So, whether you need customer segmentation to juice your offers or a custom model to improve response or conversion, we can help.

Our Analytics Advantage

With our unprecedented data resources and over 17 years experience working with credit and non-credit data for marketing offers, Altair offers many unique benefits to companies looking to boost their marketing campaigns.

Improved Response Rates

Our response models can be applied to one bureau or all three and are guaranteed to maximize response for your loan offers.

More Conversions

There is no better way to convert more loans than to make sure only credit-qualified prospects are driven to your funnel.  No matter your credit-score version, we can help you.

Increased Universe

Need more prospects to market?  Our unprecented access to tri-bureau credit data and alternative credit data can add up to 50% more qualified prospects to your campaigns.

Fresher Data

We pull fresh data and turnaround your mail files in hours not days or weeks reducing your costs and improving the accuracy of your prospecting.

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