Altair was spun-off in 2001 from one of the first data-driven direct marketing agencies in the industry.  So, we know the challenges and demands that go with printers and your desire to provide cutting-edge strategy and superior service to your clients.  Altair has been providing leading printers with the tools to help their clients attract new customers and retain existing ones for over 17 years. Our access to multi-sourced data, credit data, prospect databases, analytics, and reporting is unprecedented.  Our goal is to make you the hero to your direct marketing clients.

Consumer Data

Access the largest, most responsive multi-sourced consumer file anywhere.  Over 1,000 attributes for direct mail, email or digital ad campaigns.

Product-Specific Models

Predictive models, ready to go for mortgage, auto, payday loan and many other products.

CreditReady Prescreens

Our CreditReady online data tool gives you instant access to credit data to find all of the best credit-qualified prospects in your market.

New Mover Data

Daily New Movers and New Homeowners and weekly Premovers make-up our industry-leading Moving Prospects New Mover database.

Mortgage Data

Great for ITA offers for VA or FHA campaigns, this is the largest, most robust database of county warranty deed and tax assessor data in the industry.

Custom Modeling & Analytics

Our data scientists can take your customer data and build predictive models on credit or non-credit datasets for acquisition, cross-sell or retention campaigns.

Consumer Data

Built since 2001 by combining the leading national compiled databases into one best-of-breed database, Altair’s Consumer Data continually outperforms other compiled databases in head-to-head tests for leading national marketers.  Accessed either through out easy-to-use online portal or by calling us directly.  Give your client’s marketing campaigns a boost with better data.  Let us help.

Product-specific Models

Tap into our advanced analytical machine learning that accurately predicts prospects who are in-the-market for specific products such as cashouts, new home purchases, new auto refinances or purchases or home equity loans.  

CreditReady Prescreens

Access one, two or all three credit bureaus and let Altair do the hard work.  Through our online CreditReady data platform we can streamline your prescreen campaigns, keep your data fresher, process your mail files more quickly, and improve your ROI.  Ask about our mortgage interest rates, rental payment models and LTV models that our mortgage clients use to more accurately hone in their best prospects.

Moving Prospects New Movers

Moving Prospects, a division of Altair, specializes in the compilation and distribution of New Mover and New Homeowner data to ensure our clients can be the first to market their products and services. Our proprietary logic ensures only highly deliverable names updated multiple times per week that offer the greatest likelihood for response.

Mortgage Data

Since 2001, Altair has compiled one of the only multi-sourced mortgage and homeowner databases in the industry.  We pull in data from county courthouses and tax assessor records nationwide and clean them up for direct mail, email and digital marketing campaigns.  This data contains hundreds of attributes including lender name, purchase price, loan type, square footage, year built and many, many more.  Find out how you could use Altair’s Mortgage Data to super-charge your acquisition and retention efforts.

Custom Modeling & Analytics

As one of the first data-driven agencies back in 2001, we have vast experience in building predictive models to improve response rates and conversions for mortgage companies of all sizes.  Our data scientists are well-versed in both the client-side and the vendor side of the data and analytics equation.  And we make their job easier by providing them with the best data repository on the planet.  We build both credit models and ITA models for mortgage companies.

What We Do

Our core purpose is leveraging highly responsive and multi-sourced data combined with insightful analytics and custom data processing tools to help marketers create and manage successful acquisition and retention marketing campaigns. Our top solution suites include:

Consumer Data

Our National Consumer Database is the most complete data repository built for marketers to provide the best coverage, accuracy and predictive buying behaviors on billions of consumer data leads to leverage in your acquistion targeting.

Pay for Performance Marketing

A dynamic credit data solution for lenders, we provide a turnkey solution for handling direct mail, email or digital campaigns where you only pay for what you close, saving you valuable time, money, and leads.

Prospect Databases

We help marketers define their trade area, create custom targeting response models, measure market performance and provide actionable insight into who and where your best customers are using leading technology. 

Credit Data

CreditReady is our proprietary tri-bureau credit data solution – from pre-screen data to loan trigger data, CreditReady is a powerful financial lead generation tool providing instant, online access for marketers and lenders to increase their pool of qualified prospects.

Data Science

Our emphasis on customer intelligence has produced data-driven solutions for almost twenty years. Our industry experts provide extensive analytic strategy to empower marketers to truly access the power of their own data

Real-time Data Technology

Data is power when you have access to the freshest and accurate data.Our real-time and instant data enhancement solutions tie to either credit or demographic data to help you identify clients and score leads on-the-fly.

New Mover Data

Our new mover suite, Moving Prospects, lets our clients in the door first to market  homeowners, renters, and even pre-movers – allowing you to reach this high-value and fleeting audience before your competitors do with the largest, freshest and most accurate mover file available on the market.

Digital Marketing

From Facebook to Google, our proprietary household targeting places ads in front of the best qualified, most responsive prospects for your products.

Site Selection

Where you locate your business can make or break your success.  We help you identify your best customers, where they are concentrated and where your best potential sites are.

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