Acquisition & Retention

Site Selection

Make sure your brick-and-mortar locations are in the optimal spots.  Using our proprietary customer analysis tools, we will analyze market areas and find the ones with the least competition and the most potential for growth for your services.  We have helped healthcare providers with urgent care centers, pediatric practices and dental practices as well as numerous retailers to find their ideal locations.

Our data Process

We bring in over 1 billion records every month to create the most comprehensive consumer marketing repository anywhere.

We are constantly in search for the most accurate, most predictive data sources for direct marketing campaigns.  Our goal is to make you a hero within your own organization and with your clients.

More Records

By multi-sourcing from many of the largest compilers, Altair has the most largest database of accurate consumer records.

More Attributes

Our National Consumer Database boasts over 2,000 attributes from online buyer data to lifestyle interests, from demographic and occupation data to the most homeowners and exact age data to be found.

Better Service

Coming from an agency, our Operations team is built to handle the complex and make it simple and fast. We put the data in your hands quickly and correctly.


We provide our clients with insight in their industries to help them get the most out of our data.  Our goal is to make sure you accomplish your goals

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