Analytics & Insight

Out of 328 million consumers in the U.S. , we help you find the right ones at the right time.

Audience selection is the single most important contributor to marketing success.

Remember the old 50/30/20 adage: 50% of campaign success is due to audience selection, 30% to offer, and 20% to creative.
Think about it. If you make a great offer with great creative to someone who doesn’t need or want your product, you’ll fail.
Let Altair help you reach the right audience!

Customer Profiling and Database Enhancement
What sets your customers apart from the general population? We have thousands of attributes and use advanced data science to help us lock in on specific predictive qualities that differentiate your customers from the rest.
Customer Segmentation
It’s far easier to sell an additional product or service to an existing customer than to a non-customer prospect. We can help you segment your existing customer base for cross-selling or other segmented marketing strategies.  Segmentation based on RFM, profitability, engagement or demographics—all can be helpful to drive marketing success.
Predictive Modeling
Use one of our tried-and-true predictive analytics models or let us create a custom model, layered with multiple attributes, to identify the most ideal customers for your marketing campaign.
Site Selection
We’ve developed an innovative site selection process that optimizes for potential customers or patients net of competition. Most importantly our approach is customer- or patient-centric—modeling the relative attractiveness of their choices from their location, whether at home, office, or school.
Custom Analytics
We build custom models to address specific business objectives: response models, attrition models, lead scoring, potential profit models, and more.  The best models are based on the behaviors of your customers enhanced with attributes from our extensive data assets.  Talk to us about your specific needs.