Measurement and Optimization

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

We’ll help you measure the real impact of your efforts in financial terms and apply learning to drive continual improvement.

Your CEO knows how much Marketing spent. Does he know what he got for it?

Measurement is the key to accountability and continual improvement.  We’ll help measure the real impact of your marketing efforts and identify the opportunities to optimize results.

Campaign Measurement
 You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We assist our clients by providing matchback measurement of marketing tactics to quantify impact. We focus on primarily on ultimate purchase and evaluate results on a financial basis—cost per acquisition or ROI. We can also assess lift or incremental benefit above business-as-usual.
Ongoing Optimization
We’re driven to have a positive on our client’s business—and we’re driven to innovate and drive continual improvement. We’ll help you to develop meaningful tests and analyze results to derive actionable learning to inform subsequent efforts.  The result is to optimize volume and ROI consistent with your goals.