Auto Lending

We help you accelerate your growth by reaching qualified customers before your competitors. 

Altair has been providing leading auto lenders the tools to attract new customers and retain existing customers for two decades. We provide access to one of the most robust and multi-sourced databases to support both prescreen and invitation-to-apply (ITA) campaigns.


New Customer Acquisition

Find qualified prospects that would benefit from an auto refinance.

    Customer Retention

    Find out which of your customers are tempted to switch to a lender with a lower rate.

      Grow Current Customer Base

      Find consumers actively online searching for auto loans & get in front of first.

        Altair’s Advantage

        Data Assets
        • Tri-Bureau credit data available, including daily triggers.
        • Multi-sourced consumer database provides thousands of attributes.
        • Digital Shopping Indicators alert you when prospects are actively online searching for a new car.
        • Advanced data science and predictive modeling allows us to identify and target your desired audience – whether you want to use one of our tried-and-true shelf models or have us create a custom model just for you.
        • Database enhancement and customer profiling allows you to derive key insights from your database to find out what differentiates your customers from the general population.


        • Our data access tools make it easy and convenient for you (or your partner agency) to get the data you need.
        • Fanatic of automation? Ask us how our API solution can automate your process.


        Industry Expertise
        • Our team not only carries a wealth of experience, but also stays up to date on industry trends and best practices to ensure our clients succeed.


        Client Commitment

        • Our clients are our purpose. Seriously. If you don’t win, neither do we! We are driven to ensure your campaigns result in cost effective customer acquisition and retention.
        • We offer campaign tracking and measurement to ensure we are continuously optimizing your campaign for the best results.