Easy access to the data you need.

We use advance technology to offer our clients the best solution to meet their needs including self-service online platform, real-time API and custom integrations.

Introducing the Altair DataCloud

The Altair DataCloud was built with marketers in mind.

Our online self-serve platform gives you access to tri-bureau credit data for prescreen or trigger campaigns.

The Benefits

  • Run counts and modify criteria in real time. Place your order and get your data the same day.
  • Manage complex programs with multiple segments, criteria, and suppression files—all online.
  • Use multiple credit bureaus to expand your prospect universe by more than 30%.
  • Up-to-date files. Our credit data is fresher (thanks to same day downloading) than working directly with the credit bureaus where the process can take several weeks.

The Altair DataCloud features the following applications:

CreditReady: Prescreen
Our CreditReady: Prescreen app provides access to credit qualified prospects for marketing campaigns. This application has over 200 attributes to choose from for selection criteria making it one of the most robust solutions on the market.
DataReady: Consumer Data
Access the following databases and models using our DataReady app:

  • Consumer Data
  • Moving Prospects: New Homeowners
  • Mortgage Data
  • Moving Prospects: New Movers
  • Prime Refinance Model
  • Reverse Mortgage Refinance Model
  • FHA Refinance Model
  • Home Equity Model
  • 15-year Refinance Model
CreditReady: Triggers
When it comes to triggers, speed is the name of the game. Our CreditReady: Triggers app gives marketers access to daily credit triggers allowing them to market to prospects who just applied for credit yesterday. Be the first to the mailbox by getting access to the data you need in minutes.

Custom Integration

We make it easy for companies to connect with our data. We utilize modern REST APIs to integrate our data into the systems you are already using (such as CRM), or we work in tandem with your development team to integrate into any new interfaces you might be wishing to build. By automating the data flow process with an API, our partners can access the freshest data in real-time, allowing for quick and informed decision making.