Data is today’s oil.

There are 328 million consumers in the U.S. – we have information on just about all of them.

Our Data Advantage

We simply have one of the largest collections of actionable data to meet clients’ needs:
consumer data, business data, property data, credit data, triggers and more.


Our National Consumer Database comprises more than 95% of U.S. households. We have access to all major credit bureaus, we compile New Movers across the nation, and we maintain a national business file.

Because our databases are multi-sourced, we get both expanded coverage and better data quality.

Our data is household-and individual-specific. Next door neighbors are not alike.


We provide timely data. Our files are updated monthly, weekly, and even daily. Our Credit Triggers and Digital Shopping Indicators identify consumers who just took an action yesterday.


We offer both shelf models and client-specific models to identify specific prospects with the highest propensity to respond to an offer from you.

Consumer Data
Altair’s National Consumer Database is a multi-sourced file of more than 268 million individuals in the US with more than 1,000 individual- and household-specific attributes: demographics, attitudes and interests, purchase and behavioral data, housing characteristics, lifestyle segmentation, and more.  This file can be used to target specific audiences, build predictive models or enhance your customer data.
Health Data
We can identify specific ailments and treatments, and we also offer a variety of attributes to address social determinants of health and patient’s propensity to manage health and persist in treatment.  With a data-driven approach, we help health care providers with both marketing and intelligent site selection.
Tri-Bureau Credit Data

Unprecedented data resources and 17+ years working with credit data for marketing offers, means you get: Improved response rates from models applied to one credit bureau or all three to maximize response for your loan offers. More conversions by ensuring only credit-qualified prospects are driven to your funnel. Increase Universe with unprecedented access to tri-bureau credit data and alternative credit data can add up to 50% more qualified prospects to your campaigns. Fresher data pulled from consumer credit data to turnaround your mail files in hours not days or weeks, reducing cost and improving prospecting accuracy.

Mortgage and Property Database
Demographics are helpful, but our extensive mortgage and property data help marketers target homeowners based on the age of their home, the size of their lot, the amount or age of their mortgage, their equity, and more.  Even in cases where you don’t need to specifically target on mortgage and property data, these attributes can be highly predictive in models for other purposes.

New Movers and New Homeowners
Our New Mover and New Homeowner files are updated daily.  These consumers are making significant purchases and establishing new relationships and buying patterns.  They represent an important market segment for virtually any provider of financial services, health care, home services, and other businesses.  We can differentiate between in-market and out-of-market moves to further target your efforts and we can also identify many pre-movers before they move.
Business Data
The Altair Business Database is a multi-sourced file of approximately 26 million business locations with detailed firmographics including, industry, estimated sales and employees, square footage, years in business, legal structure, and more.  And we have approximately 24 million individual contacts at those business addresses.
Auto Data
The Altair Auto Database is the most comprehensive source of auto data available today with more than 167 million records including make, model, body type, fuel type, and other attributes. Even in cases where you don’t need to target specific auto owners, these attributes can be highly predictive in models for other purposes.

Triggers & Signals

Sometimes timing is everything.
Altair offers several trigger-based data techniques to find the right customers at the right time.



Digital Shopping Indicators (DSI)

With Digital Shopping Indicators (DSI), find out who is actively online searching for the products and services you offer with daily trigger alerts for the following categories: Mortgage (Purchase, Refinance, HELOC, Reverse), Education, Jobs, Insurance (Auto, Home, Health, Life), Financial Services,
Automotive – New Car Purchase, Legal, and Home Services.


    Credit Triggers

    Credit Triggers target qualified, active prospects within 24 hours of their most recent inquiry. With Altair’s Tri-Bureau Trigger Solutions, you can leverage the largest universe of precisely timed credit indicators and triggers available to increase revenue, reduce acquisition costs, and enhance relationships with existing clients. Altair’s proprietary online tools allow you to pull from all three of the major bureaus to increase your marketing prospect pool by 44% than using just one bureau alone.