Our core purpose is our customer

It’s in our values, it’s what we live by. It’s why we come to work each day. We exhibit our enthusiasm for our clients by taking an interest in their success, being curious and innovative with our unique solutions and our ability to be flexible and customer-centered.  With Altair, you will know that you are first.


DAVID HADAWAY - Chief Executive Officer & Visionary
As CEO, David’s job is to keep the ship righted with the wind at our backs, all headed in the same direction. He’s been in the data and analytics field for over 25 years with extensive knowledge around credit data as well as non-credit data sources.  

When he is not at work, he’s probably either hiking, adventure motorcycle riding or watching videos wishing he was hiking or motorcycle riding.

He shares his free time with his wife as they travel to new places together.  Their favorite place is Greece but they also enjoy the wonderful places here in the great USA.

David is a Forbes Council Member.
Read his columns here

STEVE COLLINS, President & Co-founder
Steve is the President and Co-Founder of Altair. 

He loves cooking, gardening, traveling and watching University of Alabama football with his wife and high school sweetheart, his three boys and their dog Tucker, the Boxer.

TJ MAYS, Chief Technology Officer
TJ is responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading computer-related activities in the organization. He helps determine the IT needs of the organization and is responsible for implementing computer systems to fulfill the organization’s information systems requirements.

When he is not at work, he is probably playing with his kids or watching “THE” Ohio State Football games. His free time is spent with his family — mostly running around to different extracurricular activities.

JIM ALCOTT, VP of Strategy
Jim is the VP of Strategy at Altair. Translation: He is primarly responsible for developing marketing and campaign strategy for many of our clients—understanding their objectives and making sure our deliverables are aligned to generate the results they want. He facilitiates strategic planning, product development and growing the healthcare sector of Altair.

When he is not at work, he’s probably reading and collecting books, farming, and cheering for all the Nashville- and Boston-based sports teams.

He mainly shares his free time with his my wife, two sons, and two of the best dogs in the world.  (Wife and kids are pretty special, too!)

Shane oversees production, quality and development of several very large databases, and a few small ones. He also help oversee the delivery of custom data needs for our clients.

When not working, Shane is probably at the gym working out.  Netflixxing. Or planning a vacation.

He shares his free time with his wife, Shannon and their Border Collie, Leah.  And their son Drew when possible. 

DAVID HUNTER, VP of Analytics
As VP of Analytics, David takes giant stacks of data and somehow makes sense out of it all.

When he’s not at work, he is probably going for long bike rides in the mountains.

Dani Pelland
DANI PELLAND, VP Credit Products
Dani leads a team that engages with all 3 major credit bureaus to credential lenders and brokers to gain access to prescreen consumer data to build their businesses. Day to day, they help unravel complex compliance requirements, lead clients through the onboarding process, and streamline efficiencies along the way. Dani and her team help govern internal compliance, risk awareness, and audit responsibilities within the company. 

When Dani is not at work, she is most likely reading and writing, planning trips around the world, mastering escape rooms, or rooting for the Green Bay Packers (Go Pack Go!)

Dani spends her free time with her “loves-all-Boston-sports-teams” husband Ricky, their son Brady, and dog Tyler. 

TODD BRADSHAW, Senior Account Executive
AKA Data Seller, Todd loves helping clients acquire the perfect list and hearing them call back and say: “keep it coming”…

When he is not at work, he’s probably hauling the boat and camper back and forth to the lake and enjoying time at the lake.  He spends time every morning either riding the Peloton or walking the hills in his neighborhood. In the evenings and on weekends, he spends his time playing tennis, doing yard work, and rooting for Georgia Bulldawg Football.

He shares his free time with his wife, 2 kids, and 4 grandkids: Fun! Fun! Fun!

ALICE WALTON, Senior Account Manager
Alice is a Fairy Godmother to her clients, making their data wishes come true.

When not at work, she is probably playing in the dirt watching her plants and flowers grow, Playing games, reading a good book, food, fun and laughter with family and friends are what she does with her free time.

KIERSTEN HOVEST, Customer Success Manager
Kiersten is the go-to person for a variety of Altair’s great customers! She gets the data they need when they need it, she lets them know if they’re missing out on anything Altair has to offer, and makes sure they stick around for a while. 

When she is not working, you can find her anywhere with live music, at the lake, trying out the newest Nashville spot, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, or relaxing at home!

She shares her free time with her friends, family, and fiancé!

STEPHANIE CAMPBELL, Manager of Sales & Marketing
Stephanie seeks out and forms relationships with business leaders who can benefit from Altair’s solutions. She comes shoulder to shoulder with prospective clients to craft a custom solution that helps them identify and target their desired audience quickly and efficiently. She loves to make Altair’s clients look like rockstars and save their company time and money while boosting their results.

When she’s not at work, she is likely at the gym, trying the newest coffee shop in town, supporting local businesses, DIYing home renovation projects, teaching Sunday school at church, catching up on the latest reality TV show, or cheering on the Baylor Bears! 

She shares her free time with her husband Michael and their two fur-babies, Barkley and Myla.

MANDI CANNON, Product Manager
Mandi’s job is to ensure customer success on our online platforms. She helps train new customers on our online DataCloud and is always asking for feedback on how to make it even better! 

When she’s not working, she is probably running kids around to soccer, reading for book club, traveling, or spending time outdoors.She is a social butterfly and enjoys hanging out with neighbors, friends, family, and especially her sweet kiddos (her son is in middle school and her daughter is in elementary school).

CHRISTINA FLORENCE, Senior Account Manager
Christina is a strategic and supportive partner for our clients at every stage of the  process, continuously developing ways to streamline and elevate their overall experience.

When she is not at work, she is probably eating at new restaurants, exercising at the nearest park or beach, writing her next book, or planning her next trip!

Christina enjoys spending time with her family (especially her baby nephew), and friends.  

JEREMY SMITH, Senior Accountant

Jeremy does way more than count beans! At Altair, “Clients Are Our Purpose”, and for him, that includes his fellow employees, as well as our contractors, vendors, and business partners, in addition to our actual clients. At any given time, Jeremy could be revamping invoicing procedures, preparing financials, compiling reports for vendors, assisting an employee with a benefits question, or building tools to automate repetitive tasks. Each week usually brings a new adventure and new opportunity to help the entire Altair team prove “We Do It Better”!

When he’s not at work, he’s probably out on a bike ride, BBQing, or planning and promoting events for his independent pro wrestling company, Pro Wrestling Conquest.

Jeremy has a sweet, fat cat named Scout that sometimes demands more attention than he has to give and spends a lot of weekend time with his family in WV.

MATTHEW STERN, Relationship Manager

Matt helps our clients leverage data and analytics to acquire new customers, and retain and cross-sell their current customers in the financial services market.

When Matt is not at work,  he is at baseball, soccer, or swim practice with his 2 sons, at the gym, or catching a game (Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Islanders).

All of Matt’s free time is spent with his family, his wife, Crystal , and his 2 sons, Nathan (6) and Austin (3), or histraining partners from the gym.

KRISTIN AGERS, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

When Kristin is not at work, she’s probably going to sporting events with her husband, playing with her children, or going to her favorite local coffee spots. She also enjoys binging a new tv show, BBQing in the backyard, or reading suspenseful novels. She shares her free time with her husband, two children, and her friends.

ELLA HADAWAY, Assistant Account Manager

Ella coordinates between the Account Manger team and the Operations Team to get the orders done fast and efficiently.

 When not at work, she is at the park with her dog, or grabbing dinner with her friends. Ella shares her free time with her friends, family, and dog, Bear.