Marketing Execution

Ready. Set. Launch.

Once we know who to target, it’s time to determine how and when to reach them.

Where the rubber meets the road.

Our flexible approach allows you to execute your tactics internally, continue working with your trusted vendor
partners for production, or have us provide a turnkey marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct mail execution for you with mail quantities running from just a few thousand to over a million.  The key to success in direct mail—not unlike other media—is targeting the right audience, and no one does a better job than we do.  Same day direct mail options to provide timely delivery for you using credit or other triggers.
Digital Campaigns
Identify and activate targeted audiences online to meet your marketing objectives.  The key is delivering a relevant, compelling message to specific prospects with a high propensity to purchase through targeted display and targeted social media ads.  Match offline and online audiences to create a multi-contact, omnichannel solution.
Email Campaigns
Emails of a significant portion of the National Consumer Database allow you to send an email message to high-propensity prospects without loading prospect email into your own ESP (a “no-no”).  Match offline and online audiences, to create a multi-contact, omnichannel solution.