Strategic Understanding

Just a few years ago, marketers needed data. Now that they have plenty of it, marketers need wisdom.



Turning Intelligence into Wisdom

Marketers are awash with data, but many aren’t achieving the results they thought their data would provide.
And while almost every marketing agency has added an “Analytics” or “Data-Driven Insight” function
to meet client demand, for many its not a real expertise.  Altair can provide strategic guidance
to connect the dots between data, execution, and measurement to achieve your goals and objectives.

Industry Experience
We’ve had the privilege to serve leading marketers in financial services, health care, home services, education, luxury goods, and a handful of other industries. No one needs to explain to us what a basis point is, or a Primary Service Area, or FSED, or Open Enrollment Period.  We understand the key challenges and objectives for many of these industries, and we’ve had the opportunity to learn what’s working for many of our clients.
Experienced Strategists
Our leaders and key staff have served in key roles at agencies, credit bureaus, and client-side. We get the big picture.

We know what constitutes success for our clients, and we know our solutions must—and do—work in the real world. Our strategists also have experience with myriad marketing strategies and tactics.

Credit Knowledge
As an agent or reseller for all three major credit bureaus and with decades of experience agency- and client-side, we can advise you on how to leverage credit data and establish criteria to drive response at the same time as managing risk.
We Know What’s Important
A strategic partner knows how the pieces fit together. We know which data are really important and which ones are noise.  We know which levers to adjust to optimize the metrics that matter.We know what, and when, and how to test. And we know how to develop and execute programs that really work.
Altair is often hired by marketing agencies to provide the data and analytics expertise.  In any case—whether we are engaged by the client or their agency—we believe our obligation is to be a team player for the good of the client. We believe in sharing our learning and expertise broadly across team members and collaborating with other agency partners for the good of the whole.