For all of you Apple users out there, have you ever wondered when you pull up your Safari browser what search engine is delivering you the magical responses to all of your questions?  If you haven’t gone into your settings, then the default search engine on your Apple iPhone is Google.  Yes, the maker of the archenemy of the evil Android empire is the default search engine on all Apple products.  And why is this? 

Check out the WSJ article on October 9, “Apple’s Easy Google Money May Get Harder to Keep”.  During the testimony in this antitrust suit against Google, it came up that Google is paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $16 Billion for the default search engine position on all Apple products. Yes, that is 16 BILLION dollars with a B!

The next time you use your iPhone to search for a cruise, a new EV car, or the best place to find milk under $5.00/gallon and the next thing you know your desktop computer is serving up all kinds of ads for those same products… now you know.  Google is in your iPhone.  Just makes you wonder how much money are the making on ad revenue from our data… when they are spending $16 Billion just to be the default search engine!?  It is good to be king!

By the way, go to Settings, Safari, Search Engine and choose DuckDuckGo if you want to keep your searches private.