12% of the population moves per year. That’s about 36 million people. New movers — whether renters or homeowners, are a valuable demographic to keep in mind when marketing. Think about it: new movers need a new cable provider, hairstylist, grocery store, healthcare provider, pharmacy, pet care providers…the list goes on and on. Being the first to welcome them can be a great way to make your product or service visible and attractive to these profitable prospects. 

Effective ways to get new mover attention

  1. Think about the first time you moved. There were so many things you had no idea how to do, or what you’d need. According to HitWise, new movers are 2.8X more likely to search for “How Toarticles after moving. Creating “How-To” content and connecting it with your product or service is going to be more likely to be found by new movers, as well as boost their trust in you and your offer. It’s an effective and simple way to make your mark distinctive from your competitors. 
  2. Remember the days when moving might mean your neighbors greeting you with a batch of cookies to welcome you to the neighborhood? Recent surveys show that people feel nostalgia for “welcome to the neighborhood” traditions. Here’s a personal example — having recently moved into a new apartment complex, a local business partnered with the my apartment building to offer residents a free delivery of a batch of a dozen still-warm cookies of their choice…since then, I’ve ordered from their cookie delivery service about once week. Sometimes, getting your foot in the door to say hello and welcome to the neighborhood to your audience could be all you have to do to win their loyalty.
  3. According to research by Epsilon, 43% of major purchases by new movers were made after visiting a company/business in person. In order to drive this sort of decision, make sure to become visible to new movers with offers that encourage them to visit in person, and ensuring that offers feel personal and accessible to your audience. 

Reaching new movers and boosting your business

So, sure, all of this sounds great. But how do you find new movers and when should you be reaching out to them? 

Research shows that 60% of furnishing and decorating purchases were mostly made in the 2 months after a move, with in person visits to a store comprising 43% of those purchases, 22% through online shopping, and 10% through influence from family and friends. 

In looking for new grocery stores to frequent, 70% of new movers made that decision in the two months after they relocated. 29% of these movers were influenced by an in store visit, while another 29% were influenced by their drive time in the neighborhood to a store,  and 16% were influenced by family and friends’ suggestions. 

When it comes to utilities such as cable and telephone services, most new movers make their decision on switching, cancelling or retaining their current service about one month before they move. The months before a move are the most crucial to reach out to new movers and influence them to either switch or keep their service. 

Finally, when it comes to methods of getting in touch with new movers, 69% preferred getting new mail over the 72% who felt they received too many emails. They also prefer in-person contact, so personalizing your offer to make them feel like they can reach out and talk to someone or sending out a friendly contact card for your business will help make your company seem like the best choice for any new mover. 

Experts in data all agree that it’s important to use data that is multi-sourced. Here at Altair we receive new records daily, with information obtained from many various transactions such as sale date, phone connection date, deed records, utility or cable transactions, and many others. 94% of our 17 million new mover records are of excellent quality, meaning you can trust their accuracy. We’ll make sure you get the best information, more quickly than your competitors can; time is of the essence with this busy buying audience. We also offer a quick and easy way to compile new mover lists from this data with just a few clicks, so you can target by age, type of dwelling, income, homeowner or renter. Visit our system today to create an account and get started!