I get at least one inmail everyday, and usually two or three that say something like this:

“Premier LinkedIn Lead Generation

Hi David I know you’re approached quite regularly so I will keep this brief. Would you like to know how we have brought consistent high ticket leads to over 6,000 clients in 200+ verticals right here on LinkedIn?”

I was fed up… how could Linkedin to allow this intrusion into my account, so I decided to write a blog about it. But, I thought, maybe I should do a little research and see what options Linkedin provides to perhaps allow me to turn off these annoying Inmail sales pitches. I was rewarded for my research. It turns out, Linkedin has an extensive list of privacy settings.

If you want to turn off the Linkedin promotional Inmail, just click on your picture on the top right of your Linkedin account, click on Settings & Privacy, Communication, Messages and there you will see the magical words, “Allow others to send you InMail?” Simply turn this option off, and Alleluia, you’ve instantly eliminated these annoying messages.

While you are in the Settings & Privacy, you can also make yourself anonymous (which in my opinion somewhat defeats the purpose of Linkedin), eliminate Sponsored Messages and a slew of other options.

Linkedin is a very useful, valuable tool for businesses to network, share ideas, and attract job candidates. It’s also a great tool for job searching. Their Sales Navigator is also very powerful as a prospecting tool. But, do yourself a favor, turn off the InMail option.