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Are you looking for in-market leads? Altair has the data you need to find more in-market leads. We have the most comprehensive and accurate credit and marketing data in the industry.

What are in-market leads and why are they important for businesses?

In-market leads are potential customers that are more likely to buy a product or service because they are in the market for it. They have already identified their need and are actively looking for a solution.

Businesses should target in-market leads because they offer a higher chance of conversion than other leads. In fact, businesses that focus on in-market lead generation see a 50% increase in sales opportunities.


How Altair Can Help

1. Altair Data helps you measure the real impact of your marketing efforts in financial terms and apply learning to drive improvement. Altair simply has one of the largest collections of actionable data to meet clients’ needs: consumer data, business data, property data, credit data, triggers and more.

2. Altair can expand your prospect universe. They are agents and/or resellers for all three of the major credit bureaus, so they can source credit prescreen data for the bureau you use for underwriting, or if they can source from all three. Ask about the specific relationship/credentialing we have with your credit bureau of choice.

3. Altair is faster than working through the credit bureau. Many prescreen data processing orders can take weeks with the credit bureaus directly; however, Altair can shrink the process to days.

4. Altair has experienced strategists who can help you design credit criteria that not only meets your underwriting guidelines but also helps to target people who want credit. And their strategists have extensive bank marketing experience.

5. Altair has extensive data assets beyond regulated credit bureau data that can be used to target high propensity customers and prospects.

Altair is best positioned to help you target the right audience. Remember the old direct marketing adage: 50% of campaign success is due to targeting the right audience, 30% to offer, and 20% to creative. With Altair, you can target your ideal customer with laser precision. Our data solutions can help you measure the real impact of your marketing efforts in financial terms and apply learning to drive improvement. With our marketing tools, you’ll be able to connect with the right audience and get them interested in your product. 

Bottom Line

Altair can help you find in-market leads by providing data that can be segmented and targeted to your ideal customer. With Altair, you’ll have access to current credit and marketing data so you can make more informed decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts. Request a demo today and see how Altair can help you find more in-market leads!